Schooling Behavior

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of Fish

Period _____

 Observer(s) - Timekeeper -

 Recorder -


1. Total each column and average the data.

2. Next, neatly Bar Graph the data on Graph One. Display the two trials side by side.

3. Finally, answer all the analysis questions in CQC sentences on a separate sheet of paper.



Use CQC Graph format. Select the appropriate range, properly label each axis, color the bars,

create a legend, and write the number of occurrences atop each different bar.


Graph One -Schooling Behavior of Fish ( _____________________ {species})*

Answer the following questions in CQC sentences on a separate sheet of paper.

1. Show the average number of times fish were in each area as a three number ratio.

School :

Neutral :


Same Species Trial

_____ :

______ :


Mixed Species Trial

_____ :

______ :


2. Based upon the data above, did your fish display a greater tendency to school in the Same Species Trial, or the in the Mixed Species Trial?


3. Give 3-4 reasons why fish might school as a way to increase their survival.



4. Tell a couple reasons why fish might not school as a way to improve chances of survival.


5. Does this experiment support, weaken, or disprove a Hypothesis that states, "Fish can see color."


6. Create another experiment you could do with this basic set up (add ons ok) to investigate fish behavior.

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