School Supply List

All Core Subjects (English, History, Math, Science)

A planner (SJH planner or similar)

3-ring binder(s) (may be shared with other subjects)

Notebook paper (college ruled)

Blue and/or Black pens (1 extra fine rolling writer - Pentel, Pilot etc)

#2 Pencils w/ erasers

USB Flash Drive

Core Class Specific Requirements

Red Pen (Science)

Graph paper (4 or 5 squares per inch) (Math and Science)

A Highlighter (prefer yellow) (Science and English)

Colored Pencils (12 or more) (Science and Math)

3x5 plain index cards (English and 7th Science)

Composition book for 8th/9th ScienceĀ 

1” 3-ring binder for 7th Math

Composition book for Math (started in 8th grade)(also 7th honors)

Composition book for English

Spiral Binder for 7th Social Studies

Ultra fine-tip sharpie for 7th Social Studies

PE uniform and appropriate shoes for those taking gym classes


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