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Where does Your Natural Gas Come from?

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Mission: Track the sources of natural gas for fuel to heat homes in our area.

Hints: - Ask Parents to check their bill to tell who they pay for natural gas.

Even if your home is ALL Electric you are to do this job - in the interests of learning about our environment.

Visit Puget Sound Energy - Natural Gas Supply. Once on this page, use all the green information tabs on the left side of the page relating to Natural Gas to complete this research.

Required Format:

Title: Where does your Natural Gas Come From?

1. Tell your Gas Company and your Address
A. List all Ref links used

B. IN YOUR OWN WORDS Answer the following

i. Tell the 7 steps natural gas goes through to get to your home.

ii. Tell ALL geographic locations that your natural gas comes from.

iii. Describe the Name and Locations of the places where natural gas is stored during the summer.

iv. Tell how much natural gas is stored in the PSE's Jackson Prairie Facility.

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