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A Present for the Environment

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People all around the world give presents to others they care for, especially during the end of year holidays. Gift giving is a positive and uplifting celebration of life for everyone involved.

It seems fair to say we all understand the need to take care of our environment, but impacts to our environment are often neglected during gift giving times. This often comes about when we consider what we want without thinking about the positive and negative long term impacts on the environment a gift can have. The materials and energy used to make, pack, ship, wrap, and eventually dispose of gifts can present hazards to the health of our environment. Also, Americans throw away 25% more waste during the Thanksgiving to New Year's holiday period than during any other month in the year. I think you'll all agree that it is in our best interests to have a healthy, sustainable environment, so…

.............this year I'd like to ask each of you to research, consult with your family, and choose a present (that you actually commit to do) to give to our environment to help create a more sustainable New Year for everyone.

This can be a gift of your time to an environmentally friendly cause, a long term action that will result in a more sustainable environment, a gift of something that will conserve resources in the long term, or anything reasonable along these lines.....

Like any really good present, your gift doesn't have to be big, just something you do that will be meaningful and have a lasting, positive impact on the environment.

The goal is to do something that will be positive and uplifting. If you are stuck for ideas I'd suggest you do a search on "Going Green" or "Ways to save the Environment" to get some starter ideas.

There are Two Parts to this assignment: the Proposal and the Final Presentation.

Please read through all of the instructions and then follow the formats for each part.

Part One - My Proposal for a Present to the Environment

a. My proposed present to the environment for this year is … (describe your proposed action or present in detail)

b. Discussion: I selected this present because …….>

c. Measurement/Significance/Documentation:

1. Tell how you are going to measure your progress during this project. (Data Table(s), Graphs, Pictures before & after... etc)

2. Explain the significance of this present to the environment and, (you may need to look up the word significance.)

3. Describe how you propose to document and present this project: (research, photos, imovie, powerpoint, utility bills, receipts, etc) this gift to the environment.

d. Timing: Tell the period of time you will be doing your present to the environment. Most projects go for at least a month or two. Final report date will be around the 3rd week in March. (Note, your actual project should be done by the end of the first to second week of March to allow you enough time for the final report => see below)

Groups: 2 person group projects are possible, but must be pre approved and written up separately by each individual involved. Be sure to mention all other help you will need.

Part Two - My Present for the Environment - 3 elements required

a. My present to the environment for this year was … (specifically describe your actual action or present.)

Minimum standard =>Tell the following in a standard paragraph (Note: Challenge Science students are expected to respond above standard.):

1. Explain how you accomplished your project.

a.) Describe what you did for your project,

b.) What help you had,

c.) 1. Tell what resources you needed to do this job

c.) 2. Show all your data and explain it well

d.) Explain what problems you had in accomplishing this job

e.) Tell how you would improve (or do this project better) next time.

f.) Explain how this present/action created a more healthy and sustainable environment.

b. Evidence: Include at least four of the following.

1. Required item: An action movie, powerpoint, or an active presentation documenting your present to the environment. (If you have another idea on how to present your project, please get my approval first.)

2. A final data table documenting the project. (Note this is a required item on most projects.

3. Any research you did about your project

4. Photos of your actual present with you included,

5. Utility bills before and after as applicable

6. Copies of receipts if appropriate (circle the key items => Black out any ID or purchasing data as appropriate)

7. A full signature from your parent certifying you have completed this project to specifications.

8. Other items that were key to showing or telling what you accomplished.




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