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Where Does my Electricity Come From?

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Mission:  Track the sources of electricity that provide power to your home.

Preparation: - Ask your Parents who they pay for electricity.  If you live in an apartment and pay through them, ask the manager. If all else fails ask your instructor.

If Snohomish PUD: Go to: Power Supply. Once on the Power supply page read the main page. Then use the links on the left side of the page to research all of SNO PUD's power sources: Hydro, Thermal, Biomass and Landfill.

If Puget Sound Energy: Electricity Supply.  Then use all these links: Hydro, Thermal, Wind, and Solar, and research each source of electrical energy PSE uses.

Required Format: You MUST USE your own words. This means NO copying content.

Title: Where does your Electrical Energy Come From?

1. Tell the name of your Power Company AND your Address (without street) ex "Bothell, WA"

a. References: List all key reference links

b. Name ALL Sources of power the company gets power from AND Include the Geographic region, location or the City & State) of each source.

Each power company has many different sources of power. Be sure to double check that you have all of them.

c. Document the company's Power Supply data. Be sure to tell what percent of the company’s electricity comes from each source. Follow directions below to find this data.

i. For SnoPUD: Go to the “Our Energy Sources” data table on lower right side of Power Supply page

ii. For PSE: go to Electricity Supply. The scroll down to “Our Diversified Mix” on the bottom of the page for this data.

d. Do a Green Power EC

EC1: Go to Planet Power (SnoPUD) or search for Green Power Program (PSE).  Then tell what this program is about AND why a person would want to sign up for the program.

EC2: GO GREEN Power!.... Have a family meeting a choose to invest in the Planet Power (SnoPUD) or the Green Power (PSE) alternative energy programs for at least a year.

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