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This is our Earth. It is a spaceship hurtling through space at about 2237 miles per hour. There are no emergency exits, no safe landing spots.

So we need to treat our ship and all the other inhabitants onboard well. So our goal in this unit is to learn how to balance our personal desires with the need to create a healthy, sustainable community and planet.

This involves knowledge. Knowing what's important for our planet's health. Learning about the intense demands we put on our natural resources and how our actions have affected the entire planet.... and learning how to solve these challenges together.

This involves making intelligent choices. Choosing to do things differently, to perhaps look at our lifestyle with new eyes... even though that may mean chosing to do things differently than we've always done.

Ecology and Ecosystem link Ecosystems & Ecology Unit Notes ppt Ecosystems and ecology unit notes Ecosystems & Ecology Learning Goals & Performance Expectations
order in the universe prezi Order in the Universe prezi
Act 1 biodiversity Act 1 What is Biodiversity?
Act 72 The Miracle Fish Act 2 Was the Nile Perch really the "Miracle Fish?"
Worm Ranch section Act 3 Natural History of Red worms q's Worm Ranch section Act 3 Natural History of Red worms Article
Matter cyclers Energy pyramids link Act 4 Food Chains, Webs, Matter Cycler & Energy Pyramid Problems
Act 78 Coughing up clues link

Act 5 Coughing Up Clues

Kid Wings virtual owl pellet dissection

Act 77 Ups and Downs link

Act 6 Ups & Downs

baby owl eject pellet vclip
Baby owl ejects pellet vclip
Forest structure lab Forest Ecology - Act 7 Forest Field Study
Worm Ranch section Act 8 - Worm Ranching Lab
Endangered and threatened species report link Addendum 1 Endangered & Threatened Species report Endangered and threatened species report link ESR Peer Grading Form
Endangered and threatened species report link 2016 WA State Endangered & Threatened species listing
Amphibian article link Amphibian Species facing extinction
Carrying capacity link Carrying Capacity ppt
wolf video clip How wolves change rivers video
Bioaccumulation in Killer Whales exercise

Bioaccumulation and Killer Whales

barn owl hunting link
Barn owl hunting
Soil Lab - Field Study
Tree Lab: Field Study

Incredible Resource: Northern Virginia Ecological Relationships!

Ecology class notes

Data Table One - Center Station Temperatures in degrees C 2007

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