Scientific Method

Data Table One

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Coke Floats!

A Classic case of eliminating variables!


Answer all questions on a separate sheet of paper in complete, CQC sentences.

(120 pts total plus EC)


Take data for your portfolio notes constantly during this experiment! Record all experimental data in Data Table 1 - Coke Floats Results.


1. What is the question we are trying to answer? (10 pts)


2. Write an IF THEN Prediction that answers your question. (10 pts)


3. Describe our experimental procedure from the first step to the last step. (10pts)


4. Trial One: Describe ALL Alternate Hypothesis we created from Trial One (Classic Coke) (20 pts total)


5. Trial Two: Explain how the results of Trial Two ( Caffeine Free Diet Coke) affected our initial seven Alternate Hypothesis? (Tell if they were Strengthened, Weakened or Disproved & WHY you think this was so?) (20 pts - 3pts each)


6. Which experimental variables remain to be tested at this point? (10 pt - 5pt ea)


7. Trial Three: Explain why the results of Trial Three (Caffeine Free Coke) do not eliminate Caffeine as a cause of sinking the can. (10 pts)


8. Trial Four: Why did Trial Four (Diet Coke with Caffeine) eliminate Caffeine as a direct cause of sinking the can? (10 pt)


9 Name three variables that were controlled during this experiment. (3 ea 10 pt for all)


10. Explain how Classic Coke floated in Trial Five when it did not earlier? (10 pt)

EXTRA CREDIT (10 pt, 5pt ea)

EC1 Completely describe two methods you could use to tell if Cherry Coke has more or less sugar than Classic Coke.


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