Onion Cell Photomicrograph (400x)


Onion cell

The Onion cell's nucleus and cell wall are easy to see in this photomicrograph. The dots streaming around the cells are organelles, the actual path they are traveling on is the cell's highway, or endoplasmic reticulum.


Buttercup Guard Cell Photomicrograph (400x)

buttercup guard cells

The buttercup has large guard cells on either side of the stomata (leaf opening.) The stomatas are the dark areas in the middle of the guard cells. The stomatas close when the plant needs to conserve moisture. Carbon dioxide enters the stomata and water and oxygen leave.


Parsley Guard Cell Photomicrograph (400x)

parsley guard cells closed

This sample was deliberately dried out to simulate drought conditions. Lack of water causes the plant's guard cells to tighten up and close the stomata. This conserves precious water supplies.


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