Bacteria, Protist and Fungi Crossword


2. An organism that needs oxygen for respiration is called this

4. Spores of the sac fungi are produced in these structures

6. You are eating this part of a Club Fungi when you eat most mushrooms sold in the grocery store,

8. The variable you measure in an experiment is called this

10. This occurs when bacteria normally killed by a drug mutate and are then no longer affected by the drug.

11. Threadlike tubes that make up the main body of a fungus.

13. This is the one variable you change to investigate your hypothesis.

15. Many bacteria that live in moist conditions use this to long tail like structure to help them move.

16. Animal like protists are called this

17. Bacteria that can live without oxygen are named this

19. A cool form or sexual reproduction in which a new organism grows off the side of the parent

20. Single or many celled organism that lives in moist or wet surroundings.

21. An organism made by a mutalistic relationship between a fungi and either an algae or a cyanobacteria


1. If you modify an experiment to get more or better data about your question you are increasing this

3. A population explosion of dinoflagellate algae.

5. These are short, threadlike structures that extend from a protist, such as a Paramecium, that beat in the same direction to produce swift movement in any direction.

7. When answering a question in an experiment, this increases as you do more trials and repeat the experiment. (3x)

9. Spore for the fungi in Phylum Zygomycota are produced in these round cases on the tips of upright hyphae

12. Animal like protists from the phylum Rhizopoda use this temporary "false foot" to move and trap food

14. Single or many celled protists that make their own food.

15. One of two ways bacteria reproduce. Produces 2 genetically identical cells.

18. Fungal reproductive cells that form new organisms without fertilization.

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