Bacteria, Protist, & Fungi Rubric

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This Rubric

____/ 160


Root Beer Investigation (includes Data Table)

____ /175


Microbe World Questions

____ / 40


Part A Section 8-1 Two Kingdoms of Bacteria

____ / 45


Part B Section 8-2 Bacteria in Your Life

____ / 15


Part C - Section 8-3 Fighting Tuberculosis

____ /103


Part D - Section 9-1 Kingdom Protista

____ / 50


Part E - Section 9-2 Kingdom Fungi

_____/ 5


Part F - Section 9-3 Technology: Monitoring Red Tides

____ / 50


Bacteria, Protist, and Fungi Crossword

__/5 or 20


Extra Credit Parental Review and/or Signature



up to 663 possible with parent extra credit

Peer Grading certification: I certify I have fairly evaluated this work to the best of my ability and I have discussed the grading of this packet with my peer. I understand that if my final grade is > 10% above Mr. S's final, both students will be docked the overage....

Peer Name ___________________ Peer Signature __________________

Grading Standards.
Grading Criteria - In addition to the specific criteria below, all work must be Complete, Quality, and Correct (CQC)

Six Traits criteria for Written work-all written work is done in ink or typed




Word Choice

Sentence Fluency

Conventions - complete sentences, etc.

(Remember Fred: Facts - Reasons - Evidence - Details!)

Note: When answering questions your answer must reflect the question.

Figures criteria - Must be done on unlined paper with 1/2" borders unless otherwise directed

Labeled as "Figure _#_"

Titled properly



All parts labeled (on Horizontal)


Colored w/Colored pencils

Scale (if required)

If microscopic figure include magnification and reference circle

Data Table Criteria

Labeled as "Data table_#_"

Titled properly

Categories on horizontal

Trials/Experiments on vertical

Legend explains data , calculations etc.

Data correctly entered/calculated

Properly Boxed in

Graphs criteria - Must use graph paper unless otherwise directed

Labeled as "Graph _#_"

Titled properly

Clearly named/drawn x axis

X scale clearly marked/set up

Clearly named/drawn y axis

Y scale clearly marked/set up

Points accurately plotted

Legend (2 or more data lines/bars)

If Bar graph or Pie chart, bars/sections labeled with data values/percent

Smooth line drawn as an average of the data points

Worksheet/Crosswords Criteria

If colored, uses colored pencils

Questions answered completely

Directions followed correctly

Spaces filled out neatly, in line, and orderly with

thought and quality evident

Typed Work criteria:

Palatino, Helvetica, Times or New York fonts

Spell check thoroughly

12 point type for text

Space and a half or double space

Parents - You may sign below for 5 pts. Alternately you may choose to also review and comment on your student's work for up to 20 points. In this case comment on whether the student properly completed the Root Beer Investigation and the Microbe World Questions. Please ensure the answers are in proper sentences and completely answer the questions with facts, reasons, evidence and details. Thank you Mr. S!


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