Red Worms - Nature's Decomposers


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Worm Ranching

Welcome to Wormland, the land of nature's Decomposers! In this part of the Ecosystems and Ecology Unit we'll be doing a long term experiment that allows us to observe these powerful decomposers up close as well as to determine which type of food Red worms prefer.

The actual experiment is conducted over time. The initial and final sorting and massing of the worms is an exciting event. Afterwards each student will develop real time data that shows the growth (positive) or decrease (negative) of their worm population over time with each type of food. Finally we will analyze the results to see which food was the best for our Red worms.

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Earthworm Natural History Research & Q's

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Worm Ranching Lab

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Worm Ranch Investigation - Data Table One - Worm Ranch Results

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