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Laboratory Tools
Identification, Uses, and Safe Practice

Scientists use tools to do the work of science, experiments. In Science Seven we do research to recognize the purpose, features, and safe use of all thirty-six of the tools Skyview science department uses often. This gives students a solid foundational information on the safe use of equipment in a laboratory setting.

Once students have learned the basics of laboratory safety and equipment, we go on to drill, practice, and do the work of science. During the rest of the school year students practice: safety procedures, safe set up and use of tools, following directions, proper experimental process, data entry, display, and analysis of experimental information, emergency procedures, research skills and appropriate use of technology.

Required tools

Tool Card section

A couple Scientific supply sites to help on research at home

Tirrill Burner and Flame Lab Index

Tool Reading Slide shows!

Microscopes. Stereoscopes, Parts & Focusing info


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