Standard Criteria for Writing, Data Tables, Figures, & Graphs

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All Work must be Complete, Quality, and Correct (CQC)

(All computer generated products must meet these criteria too!)

All student work must be properly headed, neatly written & legible

Writing criteria - Lined Paper in Ink or Typed - Skip a line between answers

Use Fred: Facts - Reasons - Evidence - Details!
• Complete Sentences • Ideas supported with Facts
• Conclusion / Paragraph Organization • Sentence Fluency
• Proper Vocabulary/Word Choice • Conventions
• Use No Pronouns • Reflective Answers: Include Part of Question in answers

Data Table criteria - Use lined paper, pencil, & ruler, OR Spreadsheet or DB in WProcessor

  • Labeled as "Data table _#_"
  • Titled properly
  • Categories on horizontal
  • Trials/Experiments on vertical
  • Legend explains data, calculations etc.
  • Boxed in
  • Data correctly entered/calculated

Figures criteria - Must be done on unlined paper with 1/2" borders

  • Labeled as "Figure _#_"
  • Titled properly
  • Large
  • Clear
  • All parts labeled (on Horizontal)
  • 3 Color minimum using Colored pencils. Can use rolling writer for labels
  • Use Ruler for straight lines
  • Accurate
  • Scale (if required)
  • If microscopic figure include magnification and reference circle

Graphs criteria - Must use graph paper unless otherwise directed

  • Labeled as "Graph _#_"
  • Titled properly
  • Clearly named/drawn x axis
  • X scale clearly marked/set up
  • Clearly named/drawn y axis
  • Y scale clearly marked/set up
  • Points accurately plotted
  • Legend (2 or more data lines/bars)
  • If Bar graph or Pie chart, bars/sections labeled with data values/percent
  • Smooth line drawn as an average of the data point

Operational Definition Format

- Use Figures Format. In Addition completely show procedure step by step

  • Graphic showing step
  • Step Number
  • Step Label
  • Show Flow to next step
  • Each part must be labelled once

Worksheet /Crosswords criteria: Use Pencil

  • If colored, uses colored pencils
  • Questions answered completely
  • Directions followed correctly
  • Spaces filled out neatly, in line, and orderly with thought and quality evident.

Typed Work criteria:

  • Palatino, Helvetica, Times New Roman, Verdana, or New York fonts
  • Spell check thoroughly
  • 12 point type for text
  • Space and a half or double space
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