The Ecology of Slugs

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from Helen buttemer 1997


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Ecology of Slugs research. Please answer these questions completely using quality, and correct sentences after thoroughly reading the Ecology Reasearch section. (75 pts)

1. Background: Both Slugs and Snails are native to the Pacific Northwest. Each population ferociously competes with another for the same habitat and food resources.


• Let's suppose you are a property owner and your property was inhabited by slugs.

• Lets also suppose that, over a period of years, you continuously enriched the soil on your property with lots and lots of calcium. Most people use granular limestone to do this. (What will adding calcium do to the slug's environment? What other creatures need calcium? Also read 1st part of Native Bananna Slug.)


Write a paragraph below (five sentences min - attach) in which you predict what will happen to the slug/snail populations (in snapshots) over the next ten years. (25 pts)


2. Name five creatures that are slug predators (eat slugs). (10 pts)


3. Name four living things Banana slugs eat, including one that is created by a mutualistic relationship. (10 pts)


4. What is a slug's niche (producer.....etc.) in our environment? (10pts)


5. Explain why the Banana Slugs are so hard to find. Also, tell what type of environments you would have to go to to find Banana Slugs now. (10 pts)


6. You have read what is happening to our native Banana Slugs over time. The same thing is happening to many different species of native creatures due to foreign creatures and diseases being introduced (often on purpose) into our environment.

• Is this ok??!! Ya know, what difference will it make to us Telephone talkin'/TV watchin'/Computer lovin' couch potato like humans if these foreign invasions continue??! Tell me a couple (2+) reasons why you feel losing these creatures won't make a difference to us humans, OR a couple (2+) reasons why you feel they might. Defend your answer..... (10 pts)



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