The Biology of Slugs

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from Helen buttemer 1997


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Biology of Slugs research

Please answer these questions completely using quality, and correct sentences. (75 pts)

1. Where are a slug's eyes located, what are they composed of, and what can slugs see? (10 pts)

2. You place a chunk of scrumptious slug food (ex: foxglove) on one end of a table with a Banana slug on the other end. (25 pts)

• Pretend you are the hungry banana slug. Write a paragraph about your journey across the table to this delicious morsel. Explain what organs you will use to detect, track, and finally taste, the foxglove as you get closer and closer to your prey.

3. If you covered up a slug's pneumostome, could the slug get oxygen? If so, tell what would be the most oxygen it could get this way ? (10 pts)

4. If a slug could think like a human

• A. Why would it fear being caught out in the open sunlight? (5 pts)

• B. Why would it have a fear of falling into a puddle? (5 pts)

5. A. Tell a positive thing about crawling with mucus. (10 pts)

6. Tell two disadvantages about a slug's mucus crawling. (10 pts)



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