The Native Banana Slug

Name _________

from buttemer 1997



Ariolimax columbianus

Student # __

Native Banana Slug research. Please answer these questions completely using quality, and correct sentences on a separate sheet of paper. (75 pts)

1. Name two advantage(s) the native Banana Slug has over its native snail competitors and tell why these are advantageous? (10 pts)

2. When do Banana Slugs lay eggs and when do the eggs hatch? (10 pts)

3. At what times do Banana slugs normally eat during the fall, during the summer? (10 pts)

4. Tell what Banana Slugs do to enhance (make better) the Pacific Northwest forest ecosystem? (10 pts)

5. WHY and WHEN do Banana Slugs climb trees? (10 pts)

6. You are out in the garden, transplanting some native flowers with your Mom and Dad. (It may not be as fun as playing soccer with your friends, but whatever, at least they didn't ask you to cut the grass again!) (25 pts)

• While digging up some dandelions to make room for your transplants, your Mom notices four huge Banana Slugs lounging around in the shade of the dandelions. She shrieks and looks at your Dad, "Yuck! Do something Quick!" Dad gets a bucket of water to drown them in. You say, "Stop, don't kill them!" Both heads turn in wonder in your direction.

What do you say??!!! AND WHY!! (Please write a short paragraph 5 sentences min.)


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