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The Anatomy of Slugs

Period ____

from Helen buttemer 1997


Student # _____

 Slug Anatomy: Please answer all questions using complete, quality, and correct sentences on a separate sheet of paper. (100 pts total)


2. If you were to cover the slug's Upper and Lower Tentacles, what effects would it have on the slug? (10 pts)



3. What would be the effect of removing a slug's Pedal Slime Gland? (10 pts)



4. What two important functions does the mantle serve? (5 pts)




5. Why do you think it is good for slugs to have their hearts, kidneys, intestines etc. surrounded by a membrane? (5 pts)




6. Explain why a slug can't move backward. (10 pts)





7. Why is a slug's visceral mass twisted when it doesn't have a shell? (5 pts)




8. What advantage do slugs have over humans by having an entire population of hermaphrodites? ( Its a reproduction kinda thing!) (5 pts)




9. Why might it be good for a slug, or any other creature, to store sperm? (5 pts)




10. Another Fantastic Voyage: Imagine you are a piece of a marigold leaf, one of a slugs very most favorite flowers by the way, being eaten by a voracious Giant Garden Slug. Create an interesting 6T paragraph about your experiences on the exciting journey, from start to finish, through each of the nine organs of the slug's digestive system. (Attach a sheet of paper as needed.) (25 pts)





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