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Questions, Predictions & Hypothesis.

Instructions: Below are questions taken from students. Rewrite each question to standard on a separate sheet of paper.

1. How will changing a plunger affect the hang time of the stools.


2. How will the bottle with the hot or cold water poured on it affect the hardness or softness of the bottle?


3. How will giving guinea pigs different diets affect its weight.


4. How do the western white pine and the slow release fertilizer affect the growth of the trees at the end of the experiment?


Predictions. Rewrite each of the below predictions to standard.

5. If a apples are fed to guinea pigís,

Then the guinea pig fed a variety of food would have a greater mass than guinea pig's fed only apples.


6. If a plunger has a hole,

Then the plunger's hang time will change compared to a plunger without a hole.


7. If a 2 Liter bottle has a different higher or lower temperature, itís pressure will be harder or softer than the pressure of the room temperature bottle.


8. If fertilizer was added to a Western White Pineís roots,

Then the Western White Pine with no fertilizer would grow less in height compared to the Western White Pine with fertilizer.


Hypothesis: Rewrite each of these hypothesis to standard.

9. If the bottle's temperature is changed higher or lower,

Then it will affect the pressure inside the bottle,

Because the temperature was changed.


10. If adding fertilizer on the tree

Then the tree will grow more than a tree without fertilizer on it

Because the tree will have more nutrients.


11. If guinea pigs diet is changed

Then the mass will increase compared to the other pigs

Because changing the diet changes its mass.


12. If a plunger has a hole

Then the stool won't be held up as long as the stool that was held up by a plunger with no hole

Because the plunger with no hole has less suction.

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