Science and the Scientific Method


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How do scientists know what they know? That's a pretty big question. Especially considering that scientists have to face the unknown every time an experiment is done. What scientists do is follow a process.

To help keep things standard across the world of science, scientists have agreed to follow the same basic process. That's the Scientific Method, or as WA State says, the Investigative Process.

The process will seem a bit rigid at first. However as you get more adept in this process, you will find out the process is very fluid, but retains the basic core that you are taught in this unit.

Science & Scientific Method Reference Guide

SMethod presentation link
Scientific Method Presentation Ver 3.2 ...2015
link to systems and writing key

Scientific Method Unit 2015

link to systems and writing key Science writing checklist and Systems Diagram Key
why do leaves change colore

Why do Leaves Change Color? Research & Q's 1-10

Begin SEPUP Issues in Life Science Unit A

Act 1 - Saving Fred HO

Act 2 - The Pellagra Story Video

Act 2 Pellegra Story HO
Activity 2 - The Pellagra Story HO
world of variables link
The World of Variables HO
Basic Situational Analysis Scenarios 1-6
Basic Situational Analysis (online presentation)
investigation levels link
Writing Questions, Predictions, and Hypothesis Help sheet

Introduction to Trade Offs (online presentation)

6 Types of Error (prezi presentation)
Sources of Error HO
Sources of Error HO
Aggressive behavior of betta

Aggressive Behavior of Betta splendens

Aggressive behavior of betta

Wallseeking Behavior of Mice

Act 8 - Diving Submarine Experiment
How to study for unit exams ppt
How to study for unit exams
Types of Error Prezi
Unit A Study Guide
sun animated link to UV article
 UV Beads Experiment
Activity 3 - A Clinical Trial HO

Clinical Trials, Placebos, Safety & Effectiveness (online present)

Activity 4 - Testing Medicines Scientifically HO
investigation levels link

Act 5 - Can you feel the Difference?

Act 6 - Finding the Nerve

Act 7 - Studying People Qualitatively & Quantitatively

Types of Error Prezi

Act 10 - Evaluating Clinical Trials

Continuum of Scientific Truth & questions

Advanced Scientific Method Crossword 2009

Troubleshooting Questions, Predictions, & Hypothesis notes

 Coke Floats / Data Table

DT1 Black Box I Results - The Plumbers Apprentice!

Black Box Figure One - Suggestions to help you

Demo - The Egg in the Milk Bottle


Scientific (Testable) Questions  HO

The Center Challenge & Error Analysis

Temperature and Pressure Experiment

Scientific Method Research Questions

The Standard 1 through 20 Scientific Method (IP) Questions.

Short Answer (Brief Conclusion): Guidelines, Example & Checklist

Extended Answer or Long Conclusion Guidelines, Example & Checklist

The Frog Jump Scenario & Script

Fast Food & Low Income Preschool Children Scenario & Script

Mass Reliability & Validity Experiment

Boiling water lab questions

Balloon in a Box experiment

DT1 Balloon in the Box

pH Magic intro, notes, and questions

Seeds, Seeds, and more Seeds

DT1 Seeds, seeds, and more seeds
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