Black Box 1 - The Plumber's Apprentice



Your Mission: Use your data and draw all the plumbing inside the Black Box

Background Information:

1. There are two basic data sets

a. The Charging Pipes data = A1, B1, C1 trials

b. The Flow Data = A2, A3, B2, B3, C2, C3.....etc


2. There are no leaks in the box. All the plumbing is sealed. There are various connections, fittings, & stuff!


3. Your view MUST account for data that shows:

that none of the "Charging" trials total 1000ml

colors other then red, blue, & yellow came out


4. Suggestions……

a. Consider what is happening in the Charging Pipes data trials.

b. Next, look at what happens in each "set of trials for Flow Data" separately (A2,A3 etc, then B1, B2, etc)

c. Draft a drawing based upon this data only.

d. Look across the different trials & figure out any cross connections etc.

e. Modify your Draft.

f. Draw your finished Figure 1.



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