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 Press balloons to go to the Data Table
Answer each question on a separate sheet of paper. Use complete, quality, and correct

sentences and paragraphs (100 pts, 10pts ea except 20pt for conclusion)

1. What question did you develop for this experiment?

2. What was your prediction?

3. State your hypothesis in If, Then, Because Format.

4. Identify the control trial(s)

5.What was the manipulated (experimental) variable in this experiment.

6. Describe the responding (measured) variable.

7. Describe the step by step procedure you used to test the hypothesis.

8. a. Name 2 uncontrolled variables in this experiment.

b. Name 2 controlled variables in this experiment.

9. Conclusion- Now analyze your data and tell me your Conclusion. (20 pts) (Tell if your hypothesis was strengthened, weakened, or disproved, and tell why you think this is so!) Ensure you speak about the Data you obtained for 3 balloons.

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