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3. Assurance that the conclusions of an investigation are reliable and valid.

4. A factor in an experiment that can change or be changed and possibly affect an experiment's results.

6. A simplified representation of a system, can be a form of investigation.

8. An organized scientific study of the natural world

11. The variable in an experiment that may change as a result of the Manipulated variable.

14. A testable question that frames or describes a problem and often includes the study subject, the manipulated and the responding variable

16. A laboratory investigation in which the values of all variables are kept the same except for on that is changed from trial to trial and one that is measured.

17. The one variable in an experiment that is being investigated. It is deliberately changed to determine its relationship or effect on the responding variable

22. Recognizing and noting some fact or occurances in the natural world, including the act of measuring. Can be made using tools and/or senses.

29. The result or consequences of an action, influence, or causal agent.

30. If this is strong, the investigator has confidence that a change in the manipulated variable actually caused a change in the responding variable.

31. A reliable description of nature based upon many experiments that gave supporting observations.

32. Experimental Information recorded with numbers. Used during analysis to help create a conclusion.

36. Data using numbers

37. The trial or group against which experimental trials or groups are compared.

39. a process of testing in which you try to determine if a hypothesis is accepted or rejected and WHY, comparing experimental to control trials.

40. Science uses observable --- ---- (2 words no spaces) as the basis of understanding

41. How did it come to ... ... ... (3 words, no spaces) is a basic question science asks.

43. Begins with O.... Science is .....???

44. A conditional statement forecasting future events. IF I do this..... Then I think this will…

45. A final statement made after analyzing experimental evidence where the hypothesis is accepted or rejected by the data that explain why, and cites evidence.

46. A testable explanation for a specific problem or question based upon what has already been learned. IF, THEN, BECAUSE format

47. The imitation of some real thing, state of affairs, or process.



1. The seven characteristics of Science

2. In the first step of the scientific method a scientist states the ....

3. A condition(s) that are kept the same from trial to trial in a laboratory investigation.

5. The process of examining data from an experiment to see if 1. It follows the procedure, 2. appears accurate, and 3. accepts or rejects the hypothesis.

7. A mistake in perception, measurement, design, or process in an investigation.

9. Science isn't this either!

10. Science is done by....

12. Trials in an experiment that have one variable changed. The results of these trials are compared to the control trial to test out the experiment's hypothesis.

13. Factors in an experiment were not controlled or may have been overlooked.

15. Science is the concerted effort to understand how this works.

18. When Leonardo de Vinci did this, he wasn't doing science!

19. study of free living plants and animals in which the subjects are observed in their natural habitat without changing them.

20. To arrive at a decision or logical conclusion by reasoning from evidence.

21. An attribute of an investigation that describes the consistancy or repeatability of producing the same evidence each time

23. The physical object (plant, animal etc) being studied in an investigation.

24. Science is public and ?????

25. An explanation of a natural phenomenon that has been thoroughly tested, is widely accepted, & fits all known data.

26. Science assumes the universe can be this!

27. A set or arrangement of interrelated parts through which matter can cycle and energy or information can flow

28. Data using descriptive words

29. Observations, measurements or data collected through established and recognized scientific processes.

33. The S in Shoerap

34. Scientists seek this, but don't know or generate this.

35. Science is definately not this.....!

38. If an experiments results aren't this ..... it is not a good experiment. (hint: SHOERAP)

42. How does it ___? (1 word) is a basic question science asks.


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