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Skyview's Science 7's Safety Unit is the foundation for the Skyview's school wide science safety program. To function safely, all students need to be able to demonstrate that they understand and can apply laboratory safety rules and procedures, as well as locate and use safety equipment properly.

It is Northshore school district policy that all students are required to pass the standard Safety Exam. Once completed, all students and their parents are also required read and sign the standard Safety Contract.

Afterwards, our students are able to fully engage in all laboratory activities!

Science Safety Rules

Lab Safety Rules Video Notes
Safety Rules Handout
Emergency Procedures
Procedure Handout
Emergency Procedures Handout

Equipment Scavenger Hunt self quiz

Safety Equip. Scavenger Hunt Handout
Scavenger Hunt Handout

Safety Pre-Test 1

Safety Pretest 2
Safety Pre-Test 2

Safety Unit study guide

Safety Contract

Think before eating at your desk article
Think before eating at your desk fill in answer sheet
Think before eating at your desk handout
Master Pretest
Safety Pre-Test 1 Master (Rev 9.14) (please do your pretest first!)
Master Pretest
Safety Pre-Test 2 Master (please do your pretest first!)
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