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The curriculum is being updated and reorganized to focus on the 2014 WA State Science & the Next Gen Science Standards. Updates occur as soon as practicable.

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1. Choose Student - upper right hand corner of the homepage

2. Enter User Name & Password = get from instructor

3. Choose SEPUP book => Choose unit you desire

First week of school

Introduction to Skyview Science! The first two weeks.

Standard Formats for student work

leadership link

Learning Leadership Skills Systematically

Environmental Grounding Assignments &

Sustainability Action Projects

Science Safety Unit

Scientific Method Unit

Soil Lab

Soil Unit

Physical Science Unit: Matter, Atomics, Energy & Changes

Body works link

Human Body Systems Unit

Water, Salmon & Environment Unit

cells unit link

Cells Unit

Genetics Unit

Ecosystems & Ecology Unit & field studies

Classification of Living Things Unit

Evolution index Evolution Unit

Tools, Tools and the Flame Lab

Metrics - (Length, Volume, Mass, Temperature, Root Beer, Boiling Water, Worm Ranching Labs)

The Final Portfolio

Experiment Section

Worm Ranching

Wallseeking and Mice

Aggressive Behavior of Bettas

Coke Floats?

Schooling behavior of fish

Fruit Flies

Incoming Solar Radiation Lab


Penny Drop Sci Method Experiment
yogurt lab link Yogurt lab
Scientific Method and Air Concepts flipbook

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