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This fun series of exercises and laboratories is designed to give you a working knowledge of length, volume, temperature, and mass measuring techniques. We start by reviewing metric conversions doing Length, Area, and Volume problems. Then we explorie what Precision, Accuracy, and Error is all about, and how to minimize error. Following that we learn to use Triple Beam Balances, read Graduated Cylinders and determine values by the subtraction method. Later you'll get to conduct a Scavenger Hunt in your parent's pantry for examples of different metric measurements, and do a little reading to get a sense of the history of the Metric System in the United States. Along the way we get to take off our shoes and get baseline data for observing our growth during the year.

Later we practice our volume and mass measuring skills in the Infamous Colored Water Lab, compare temperature change in the Boiling Water Lab (see lab section), and finish off by making Root Beer! Our Root Beer recipe is getting better each year and the top Root Beer makers get a prize!

(One of our Root Beer makers got a blast when she left it in her locker for a month to see what would happen. It was a sticky situation to say the least!)

Length, Temperature, Atomics and Light Review Portfolio

Growth (Length) Lab

Metric Basic Definitions & Precision, Accuracy, and Error Notes

Volume Portfolio ( rubric, figure, and DT's)

Mass Portfolio - rubric and DT's

Boiling Water Lab

Root Beer Lab

An awesome Metric Conversion Tool site for later -

But you do have to be able to do problems on you own at first!

Project Page


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