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This is an introductory unit on understanding and measuring volume. You will learn what volume is and how to measure both liquid and irregular solid objects. While you are doing these jobs you will also practic how to create and enter data on Data Tables in standard format. At the end of this unit your team will challenge the Colored Water Lab to demonstrate the team's ability to properly use tools that measure volume.
Volume rubric


4 Steps in Reading

Graduated Cylinders

Precision, Accuracy, & Error

Notes etc

Tolerances for Reading different Graduated Cylinders
All Graduated Cylinder Handouts

Data Table 1 - Graduated Cylinder Practice


Data Table 2 - Volume by Displacement

HO Length - Length Conversion & Temp Review
Water Notes!
Fig 1 The Fabulous Water Molecule
Colored H2O Lab

Metrics Page
Project Page
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