Root Beer Lab

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Root beer is an old American favorite drink loved by young and old! Also, since yeast is one of our study creatures, this lab is doubly appropriate.

In Science seven we start out making Root Beer by converting a stock recipe which is written in the US Customary System to a metric recipe. Then we scale down the metric recipe to a 2.0 liter soda bottle.

Student work teams use their metric mass, volume, and length tools and skills to create their Root Beer in the 2.0 liter soda bottles. Students take the Root Beer home for incubation and refrigeration. After 8 plus days of incubation and 1 day of refrigeration, the students taste test the results and compare 6-8 different batches against a standard taste scale. We are usually done the day before Christmas break.

This lab introduces students to the concept of dimensional analysis, practices their proper use of metric tools, has them practicing how to read and follow directions, and engages then in the scientific sampling/comparison and analysis of their final product. Skyview students make good root beer!

Guidelines for Figure Two Root Beer Making Procedures &

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Data Table 1 - Root Beer Taste Test

Root Beer Taste Test Codes.

Root Beer Results by Lab

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Root Beer History and Recipes

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