Measuring Matter
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Mass Techniques

Mass is a measure of the amount of atoms (matter) an object possesses. Scientists have many different ways to measure mass. We use Triple beam balances and electronic balances to measure mass at Skyview. At first we use Triple beam balances because these balances require you to learn how to interpolate values on a number line, a valuable skill, and do not need electricity to work.

See Tool reading slide show to practice reading metric tools. Click the TBB to go there

Mass Measuring Techniques & OPDEF Rubric

Practice using the OHAUS Triple Beam Balance!!

SELECT: OHAUS Triple Beam Balance: Practice Weighing

Data Table 1 - Measuring Mass of Various Objects - Direct Method

Data Table 2 - Measuring Mass by the Subtraction Method

Data Table 3 - Measuring Mass by the Addition Method

Instructions for Mass OPDEFS Figures 1, 2 & 3

Consumer Investigation of the Mass of __________Skittles

Does Air Have Mass?

Does Air Have Mass? Unit Assessment construction sign

Worm Ranching Section

HO - Volume & Temp, Length / Metric Conversion Review

HO - Metric Scavenger Hunt

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