Metric Length, Temperature, Error & Boiling Point Determination, and Light Reviews
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This portfolio is designed for students to:

o Demonstrate proper measurement techniques and have an understanding of basic units and sources of error in their labs and calculations.

o Understand how thermometers work and demonstrate how to properly read them

o Review use and conversion of metric length units, area & volume.

o Give the student an appreciation of the stuggle America is going through in trying to get the citizenry to accept change to an easier system of measurement.

o Practice logical reasoning and six traits writing skill.

Figure 1 and Figure 2 layout

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Partial Immersion Thermometers 1

Metrics-Length, Temperature, Boiling Point Determination & Light Review Rubric 2007

Partial Immersion Thermometers 2

Metric Conversion made simple!

Metric Conversion Problems at end

Partial Immersion Thermometers 3

Length Accuracy Challenge Problems 1-12

Partial Immersion Thermometers 4

Length Accuracy Challenge Problems 13-21

Length & Length Conversion Review

Length, Precision, Accuracy, & Error Notes

Boiling Water Lab Index (all BWL items) 2007

Metrics in America article 2007

Metric Review

Data Table 1 - Stirring Rod Length Challenge

The Center Challenge!

Data Table 2 - Thermometer Reading Challenge

Demo Two - Fast Fire Triple Point Demo

Tree Lab

Demo Three - Physical Charactersitcs of Matter

Metrics Page

Project Page
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