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1. The form of an allele for a trait that is masked, or not shown, by another allele for the same trait.

3. The genetic makeup of an organism

6. The first diploid cell of an organism. Forms when sperm & egg unite.

8. An allele inherited on a sex chromosome is termed as a ...

14. Occurs when a group of gene pairs act together to produce a single trait.

15. Trait that is passed on to you from your parents

16. The science that studies how traits are inherited through the actions of alleles.

18. Occurs when a new organism is produced from sex cells of two parents

19. Possessing two identical alleles (ex BB or bb) for a trait

21. This haploid human female sex cell containing 23 chromosomes, but also has mitochondrias & other cell organelles.

22. Tool used in Mendelian genetics to predict the results of a cross.

24. The name of a tool used to trace the occurrence of a trait in a family

26. The process of the sperm and the egg joining, creates a diploid cell.

27. Condition orginating after birth, not controlled by your genome. (ie AIDS)

28. Simple cell division, used for growth, replacement , and budding of new cells. (Check 4.1)

29. An individual that is genetically identical to one of its parents

30. The form of allele for a trait that appears to dominate, or mask, another allele for the same trait.


2. Occurs when offspring show a phenotype intermediate to its homozygous parents. (ex pink flowers if one parent has homozygous red and one has homozygous white flowers.)

4. The physically expressed trait of an organism (red hair, blue eyes, etc) is called its...

5. Large strands of this make up the master copy of an organism's genetic information. Sugar & phosphate molecules for handrails & nitrogen bases for stairs.

7. Use of science & genetics to change an organism's genetic make up for human benefit

9. Section of DNA which directs the making of a specific protein.

10. Different forms of a gene for the same trait

11. Occurs when a trait is controlled by more then two alleles

12. This single stranded molecule carries the codes for making a protein from the nucleus to a ribosome. Another form helps assemble proteins.

13. Possessing two different alleles (ex Bb or Tt) for a trait

17. The haploid human male sex cell which contains 23 chromosomes.

19. The passing of traits from parents to offspring is called...

20. A permanent change in a gene or chromosome, caused by Xrays, sunlight, & chemicals

23. The process of nuclear division that produces haploid sex cells

25. A map showing all your genes & where they are located on your chromosomes.

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