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Why do you look sort of like your parents, somewhat like your aunts and uncles, and kind of like your grandparents? Well genetics, specifically heredity, is the answer!!

In this fun unit you will learn the answer to this question and many more. You will find out just who that Mendel guy really was, understand more about chromosomes, genes, alleles and mutations. Later you'll use Skittles to create a family through the generations, mate on paper in the gene pool, and demostrate your learning by drawing your own baby!

So lets dive right into the wonderful world of genetics!

Genetics notes link
Genetics Unit Notes
genetics learning goals performance expectations
Learning Goals, Performance Expectations, LPT Self Assessment

Intro to Genetics

23andMe launch videos Genetics Video clips
23andMe launch videos
What are genes?
23andMe launch videos
What are SNPs?
23andMe launch videos
Where do genes come from
23andMe launch videos
What are phenotypes?
Eyecolor pedigree

Act 1 Eyecolor Pedigree - at home research!

flu virus link
Flu Attack - see a virus take over a cell's replication machinery
Act 57 Reproduction
Act 2 Reproduction
18 things you should know about genetics
18 things you should know about genetics
Act 63 Show me the genes

Act 3: Show me the genes!

Act 63 Show me the genes What are genes vclip
Activity Z Boy or Girl
Act 4: DNA, Chromosomes & Mutations chromosome What is DNA & how does it work vclip
Act 60 Mendel 1st geneticist
Act 5: Mendel discovers genetics

Act 6 Analyzing Genetic Data & Pedigree Puzzles

Act 7 Investigating Human Traits - Two Parts

Act 7 - Investigating Human Traits Master

Act 8 - Skittles Genetics

Figure One - Your Child -Practical Assessment

EC Cross Five - The Big Event

genetics basic note pack
Genetics basic note pack

EC Cross Six - The Big Event Returns !!!

EC Cross Seven - Anakin Skywalker gets Grilled!

EC Genetics Grab Bag Crossword

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