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Part of being responsible is to know how your body operates and how to keep it functioning properly. If your body is not performing properly, it is hard to do your job, to help your community grow sustainably and to help others in need. It is especially important for students to learn:

a. How eating too many nutrients can not only take resources away from others, but can actually make your own body malfunction.

b. How eating certain foods can cause heart disease and diabetes and

c. How airborne pollutants can evade your body's defenses and cause respiratory disease.

The Body Works unit works hand in hand with our year long sustainability emphasis. It helps students develop a more grounded view of how their bodies work. It points out how it is each citizen's responsibility to balance their personal wants with tour pressing need to make and maintain a sustainable environment for us all!

body works notes Body Works unit notes body works notes Unit Learning Goals, Performance Expectations, and Self Assessment
respiratory system image Act 1 Teen Sleep, Memory and Understanding respiratory system image PBS Frontline Teen Sleep, Learning & Memory vclip
respiratory system image Scary & Surprising facts about Sleep Deprivation respiratory system image 50 Weird & Ridiculous facts about the Human Body
    respiratory system image

Body systems on line videos


digestive.system.image Act 2 Exploring the Digestive system digestive.system.image The Digestive System vclip
digestive.system.image The Digestive system animation digestive.system.image Function of Digestive system organs.
fast food and diabetes Act 3 Researchers Link Fast Food to Diabetes in Young Adults digestive.system.image Insulin, Glucose & You vclip
digestive.system.image Act 4 Breakdown Lab    
obesity in america link

Act 5 - Obesity in America

obesity in america link Obesity in America prezi
obesity in america link Fast Food, Fat Profits and Obesity in America video    
Heart-ily Fit – Modified Harvard Step Test link

Act 6 - The Circulatory System

Heart-ily Fit – Modified Harvard Step Test link Blood Flow through the Heart vclip
respiratory system image
Act 7 - The Respiratory System respiratory system image Chris's asthma attack vclip
respiratory system image
Act 8 - Asthma & the Puget Sound Environment respiratory system image The Respiratory System vclip
respiratory system image
Asthma vclip sunshine coast air pollution sources video Common Air Pollutants and their Sources
    The link between air quality and health The Link Between Air Quality and Health
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