Wetland dig Mr Reid 

Digging a wetland at Skyview's Outdoor Environmental Learning Center

Mike Reid

Mike Reid was the cofounder of Skyview's Science curriculum. Hired on as part of the first staff at Skyview, Mike has developed countless innovative hands on labs and outdoor projects since he started working at our district.

I was born in Aberdeen, WA and grew up living on Grays Harbor. I grew up hiking and camping on the beaches and in the mountains of the Olympic Peninsula where I developed a keen interest in natural sciences. In school science was my best subject, often at great cost to other subjects not science-related.

I attended Grays Harbor College and worked in area lumber mills after graduation from high school and earned enough money to attend Western Washington University, graduating in 1960. Major areas of study include Physics and Physical Science, Biology, Environmental science with minor areas in Sociology and Anthropology. I have an interest in northwest Native American culture and have used my background in science and anthropology to assist on archeological explorations in the area. I graduated from WWU in 1965 and started teaching science at Canyon Park Junior High the same year.

I was on the planning team for Skyview Junior High and have taught there since it opened in 1992. I still hike and fish and explore the northwest wilderness areas that I grew up with. I have two sons who share my interests. My elder son is now a Science teacher in Kent School District and my younger son works in construction. I finally decided to retire and take up my life long hobbies full time... except of course, teaching students. I continue to help students and teach as a staff member of the cutting edge Ground to Sound STEM Environmental Summer Camp at Brightwater Center every year.

Mike has been instrumental in designing and setting up the 7 - 8 curriculums at Skyview. His specialties include teaching at-risk students, developing hands on laboratories and anything to do with the natural world and natural processes.

Mike is a naturalist at heart, his vast experiences with natural and constructed processes has helped immeasurably with getting a mitigation plan to create a 72 acre Environmental Park and Center as an environmental mitigation for placing the Brightwater Wastewater Treatment facility in our community. In addition, Mike helped design and build the Outdoor Environmental Learning Center at Skyview. He has volunteered countless hours in community work, as a Captain of Duvall's volunteer Fire Dept, as President of Duvall's Historical Society and as Founding Board Member of the Friends of the Hidden River.

Few people have made as much of an impact with the education of young students and also on the greater Northshore community as Mike Reid.

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