The Characteristics of Air

Flipbook Quality Control items '05

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Students are to use this to Quality Control all pages.

a. Layout - to standard, done with ruler or computer

b. Color - Figures colored with colored pencil, NO PENCIL, Ink allowed for writing or outlining figures

c. Label - (2A - 8B)

1. Control Trial(s)

2. Experimental Trial(s)

3. Manipulated variable

4. Responding variable

5. Questions, Prediction, and Hypothesis in proper format and labeled

6. Data Tables - Quality, Labeled properly, and completed

7. All Conclusions labeled and tell if the Hypothesis was Strengthened, Weakened, Disproved, and Tell WHY this is so.

8. All Definitions labeled and completed per the SM Definitions handout

9. All Air Concepts Complete

10. All Scientific Method Concepts completed, quality and correct.

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